Cairns High Association of Past Students

The most historically significant high school in Cairns is fast approaching its 100th birthday. To celebrate the school wants to tap into its rich history and retell its story. To achieve this an association for past students and teachers will be established - Cairns High Association of Past Students (CHAPS).

CHAPS Objectives

  • maintain a directory to assist reunion organisers
  • form mutually beneficial bonds with the community of past students and teachers
  • accumulate the stories of Cairns High’s past
  • develop a scholarship fund for future students

Cairns High is calling on past students and teachers and requesting assistance with retelling the story of this proud school. Please complete and return the CHAPS Membership Form. These details will form a directory for reunion organisers and allow the school to liaise with CHAPS members throughout the development stage and beyond. We encourage past students to donate to the CHAPS scholarship fund however this is not compulsory.

For those currently planning a Cairns High reunion all event details can be posted on the Reunion page of the website.