Hall of Fame

Mayor Bob Manning

"My time at Cairns State High School had both high points and low points – a great preparation for life with its many ups and downs! The Principal at the time, Norm Crosswell, had a huge impact on my future life as he so often guided me into school leadership. I realise with age that my education is an ongoing journey which will never end. I value the chance to meet with past students and to share our life’s stories. I consider CHAPS a wonderful initiative."

Erin Holland

Miss World Australia 2013-an active philanthropist with a Bachelor of Classical Voice

"My time at Cairns High was extremely enjoyable! I whole heartedly believe it was due to the incredible tuition of the Cairns High Performing Arts program that I have excelled in the entertainment industry in Australia. Without the support and training of the quality teaching staff, I never would have embarked upon what has thus far been a successful and rewarding career that is growing every day. Having an alumni network is a wonderful way to stay in contact and provide an invaluable mentoring system to current students."

Ron Tong

Past President Cairns Chamber of Commerce and recent Director, Advance Cairns

"As the oldest high school in Cairns, I believe that it is an important part of the school’s tradition to put in place an alumni association. CHAPS allows for the past students to continue their connection with the school. It presents an opportunity for them to contribute and provide assistance and a guiding tradition for future students who are yet to make their mark on the world."

Bill Cummings

Cummings Economics 2015 Cairns Regional Council Citizen of the Year

"After school, in Canberra I mixed with peers from all over Australia, this instilled in me that my schooling was excellent. Indeed, I felt that the variety of opportunities: sports, school cadets, drama, choirs, school dances, the school house and prefect system, had given me a broader education and training for life than many others. Having CHAPS will help current students appreciate the words “Valued Traditions”. Past students should reconnect with the school and show their support for the school’s ongoing success."

Charles Woodward


"A longstanding benefactor of the Cairns community including in his role as Director of COUCH. CHAPS will not only act as a great catalyst for past students to meet and network, it will also be a means of giving back to your old school. Our class of 1964 has got the ball rolling with a scholarship. We strongly encourage other past students to also become involved and contribute to the alumni association to improve the future of our youth."

Kendall Gilding

Seven Network Journalist

"The time we spend in high school shapes the people we become when we enter the real world. We should celebrate the achievements of current and past students, and take great pride in where we’ve come from. Cairns High positioned me to achieve all of my career goals. I gained valuable life skills at Cairns High by becoming School Captain. Cairns High helped me live out my dream in journalism."