The Cairns State High School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) was officially formed in 1979 however historical accounts and photographs of activities run by the ‘Parents Committee’ date back to as early as 1917. The P&C is the parents’ voice and the committee works closely with the school community and School Council on policy decisions and development. Robert Wood, the Cairns High P&C Liaison Officer works full time at the school and manages and organises the P&C’s responsibilities. The Liaison Officer and members operate in conjunction with the Cairns State High School P&C Constitution which is approved annually by the Principal. The business of the P&C: The functions of the support staff  

P&C responsibilities

  • Fundraising and social events  
The P&C meets on the third Tuesday of every month at the Library from 5.30pm. All parents are encouraged to become a member (Annual P&C Membership Application (PDF, 144KB)) and contribute to building a stronger school community for their child/children. Assisting with events and activities as well as voluntary financial contributions (PDF, 342KB) are very appreciated.